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What is causing your hard lump on your scalp?

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What causes hard bumps on the scalp?

There are many possible causes of hard blows to the scalp. The details below can help you better understand your symptoms and determine if and when you should see a doctor.

infectious causes

skin infectionsor those in the body due to bacteria, viruses or fungi can cause a hard lump on the scalp.

  • Bacterial skin infections:Your scalp is covered in hair follicles, small sacs from which each strand of hair grows. Bacteria can infect hair follicles and cause this.FolliculitisAn open cut, if exposed, can cause it.cellulitis,an infection of the skin and the area under the skin. If the skin infection does not go away, it could lead to aabscessor a pocket of pus as your body tries to fight the infection.
  • Viral skin infections:Viruses can also cause small growths on the scalp in the form of skin-colored warts.
  • Fungal skin infections:Fungi can cause a variety of scalp infections, includinghad,what causes oneCircular, red, itchy rash.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes:Lymph nodes are small glands that house cells that fight infection. Lymph nodes can become enlarged and appear as single or multiple bumps on the scalp when they respond to a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection.

traumatic causes

Bumps on the scalp can be the result of a scalp injury. Hitting your head can cause swelling or the formation of a 'lump'. This lump is due to the accumulation of blood or fluid under the skin of the scalp and can cause bruising and tenderness.

abnormal cell growth

Sometimes a scalp bump can be due to the abnormal growth of a variety of different cells that make up your body. These cells can include the following.

(Video) Boils On Scalp Filled With Pus. Causes, Treatment - Dr. Rashmi Ravindra| Doctors' Circle

  • fat cells:These cells can turn into lumps called lipomas.
  • Cells that contain pigment:Melanocytes can transform into aMelanoma.
  • basal cells:These skin stem cells can transformbasal cell carcinoma.
  • The Keratin Collection:Lumps on the scalp can also be caused by a buildup of keratin, the main protein in the skin.cysts

This list is not medical advice and may not accurately reflect what you have.

skin cyst

A cyst is a small sac or lump filled with fluid, air, fat, or other material that begins to grow somewhere in the body for no apparent reason. A skin cyst is one that forms just under the skin.

Skin cysts are thought to form around trapped keratin cells, the cells that make up the relatively tough outer layer of skin.

These cysts are not contagious.

Anyone can get a skin cyst, but it is more common in people over the age of 18 who have acne or broken skin.

Symptoms include the appearance of a small round lump under the skin. Cysts are usually painless unless infected when they are red, painful, and contain pus.

Diagnosis is by physical examination. A small cyst can be left alone, but if it's unsightly or large enough to interfere with movement, it can be removed with a simple procedure in a doctor's office. An infected cyst needs treatment to prevent the infection from spreading.


Main symptoms:nude axillary hump, marble-sized axillary hump, small axillary hump

Symptoms that always appear with cysts on the skin:skin colored armpit

Urgency:wait and see


Warts, also called common warts or warts, are small, rough, rounded growths on the top layer of the skin. They can occur singly or in groups. Common warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are contagious by direct contact. They can spread from one part of the body to another simply by touch.


(Video) What does small skin colored lump on the scalp indicate? - Dr. Urmila Nischal


Lipoma is a word that translates to "fatty tumor," but a lipoma is not cancer. It is simply a growth of fat between the muscle layer and the skin that covers it.

The exact cause is unknown. The condition runs in families and is linked to other rare syndromes, such as painful adiposis, which are similar. Lipomas appear more frequently after the age of 40.

Symptoms include a soft, easily moved lump under the skin about two inches in diameter. A lipoma is painless unless its growth irritates surrounding nerves. They are most commonly found on the back, neck, and stomach, and sometimes on the arms and thighs.

It's a good idea to have any new or unusual growths checked by a medical provider just to make sure they're benign.

Diagnosis is made by physical examination, biopsy, and imaging tests such as ultrasound or computed tomography.

Most of the time, treatment is not necessary unless the lipoma is unsightly or interferes with other structures. It can be removed by surgery or liposuction.


Main symptoms:Flesh-colored groin, Marble-sized groin, Small groin

Symptoms that always appear with lipomas:Skin-colored lump in the groin

Urgency:wait and see


A skin abscess is a large pocket of pus that forms just under the skin. It is caused by bacteria that usually get under the skin through a small cut or scrape and begin to multiply. The body fights the invasion with white blood cells, which kill some of the infected tissue but form pus in the remaining cavity.

Symptoms include a large, red, swollen, painful lump of pus somewhere in the body under the skin. The infection can cause fever, chills, and body aches.

If left untreated, an abscess is at risk of enlarging, spreading, and causing serious illness.

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Diagnosis is by physical examination.

A small abscess can heal on its own through the body's immune system. But some need to be drained or punctured in a medical provider's office so the pus can be removed. Antibiotics are usually prescribed.

Keep the skin clean and only wear clean clothes and towels to make sure the abscess doesn't come back.


Main symptoms:bumpy or blistering rash, red skin rash, red bump on skin larger than 1/2 cm in diameter, pus-filled rash, skin rash

Symptoms that always appear with skin abscesses:Rash with bumps or blisters

Urgency:family doctor

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So… what condition is actually causing the hard lump on the scalp?

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Hard Scalp FAQ

Why does the bump on my scalp hurt?

The pain you feel depends on the cause of the bump on your scalp. Bumps on the scalp due to infection can cause pain as the body reacts to alert you to illness.

When is pain after a head injury considered serious?

If the bump on your scalp is due to trauma, e.g. B. in the head, the pain you feel is most likely the result of damage to the area in and around the lump. If your pain does not improve or worsens, see a doctor. If your scalp blow occurs later and is associated with traumasevere pain or headache, see a doctor immediately.

Will my scalp bump go away on its own?

It depends. If your scalp bump is due to abnormal cell growth, it may stay the same, grow larger, or shrink. If it's due to an infection, it may go away on its own as your body fights the infection, or it may go away with over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin).

Do scalp abscesses go away on their own?

If the bump on your scalp is due to an infection and is causing a collection of pus (an abscess), it may go away, but this usually requires drainage by a doctor. See a doctor for any lump that persists or grows over time.

Why is my scalp lump growing?

Your scalp lump may grow because fluid or blood collects in and around the area of ​​the lump. If the scalp bump is the result of trauma, swelling around the injured area is common, but this swelling should subside over time. A scalp lump due to infection can grow if pus collects in the lump under the skin or if the lymph nodes become enlarged in response to the infection. A scalp bump can also grow when abnormal cells or proteins (such as keratin) build up. These cells may be cancerous or non-cancerous. See a doctor if your scalp grows rapidly or changes color or shape.

Questions Your Doctor May Ask About a Hard Lump on Your Scalp

  • What color is the lump?
  • Fever today or in the last week?
  • Does your head hurt?
  • Do you feel pain when you touch the bump?

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