Best Car Trash Can (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 (2023)

Our Methodology

We've taken a close look at the myriad of car-specific trash cans on the market and handpicked our top picks based on a number of factors. To start, we looked at capacity, versatility, and ease of use. We know that a car's and driver's needs vary, so we looked at large and small trash cans to find the right options for different consumers. Waterproofing or a leak-proof coating was a key feature we looked for in most of our picks, although some picks may not be due to the focus on picking up small, dry sand.

Having a plethora of mounting options that should fit most car interiors was important to us, as was ease of use, such as a pass-through or easy-open lid. Trash cans with added features like pockets and tissue holders scored extra points with us. Finally, some degree of styling has been considered for those looking for a garbage collection solution that won't clash with the car's interior. verifythis link, which better explains our methodology.

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Why trust us?

Our reviews are driven by a combination of hands-on testing, expert input, "collective wisdom" reviews from real buyers, and our own experience. Our goal is always to provide genuine and accurate guides to help you find the best options.

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Reviews and recommendations of the best car trash cans

The Farsala All-In-One Trash Can is a very smart garbage management solution. The 1.8-gallon trash can has a substantial collection capacity that won't take up much space in your cabin, and its leak-proof double liners make our waterproof box a standout. We also appreciate the fact that they are removable, washable and reusable, which eliminates the need to constantly refill them with new bags that are wasteful and cost money.

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It's easy to pack thanks to its adjustable straps and has extra hooks for disposable trash bags in case your immediate trash needs exceed the capacity of the main compartment. We like the magnetic lid that's easy to open and close, and we appreciate the rubberized spiral passageway at the top for quick and easy trash storage. All of that, plus side pockets for extra storage, built-in tissue box set, a decent price, and the manufacturer's responsiveness to customer feedback make this our top pick.

Product specifications

  • Volume:1.8 gallons
  • Material:Polyester


  • complete solution
  • Practical tissue dispenser
  • Washable and reusable liners.


  • No additional color options
  • Lid may not seal completely
  • rigid rubber vent

We like the EPAuto Waterproof Trash Can because it ticks a lot of boxes for us. First of all, the name says it all: it's waterproof! When it comes to collecting car waste, this is a very important feature. The 2-gallon trash can is big enough to hold a lot of trash, but it's not as bulky as other options. An adjustable mounting strap makes this container a versatile part of your car kit, making it easy to fit in convenient places, like behind a headrest or center console.

The easy-open lid is handy, but even more so is the elasticated opening for a quick and easy way to dispose of things without too much distraction or worrying about the trash falling out again. You can line it with bags if you wish, but the waterproof inner lining means they are not necessary. Mesh pockets on the side and front provide convenient storage places for items like tissues, hand sanitizers, or disposable masks. It's a solid all-rounder that's almost as good as our top pick, and at a price that's hard to beat.

Product specifications

  • Volume:2 gallons
  • Material:Polyester with waterproof lining


  • simple general solution
  • Suitable size for most cars.
  • easy access lid


  • The strap could be narrower
  • One-handed use may be required
  • no bottom bracket
The most elegant car trash can

dustbin for cars BMZX

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Let's be honest: Most of the junk in your car ends up in the cup holder or door storage pocket, and even if you choose one of these handpicked solutions on this list, at least some of the junk will end up there. . That's why we like the BMZX Coaster Dumpster.

This 15-ounce trash can holds most small pieces of trash, like wrappers or napkins, which is the kind of thing coasters are a magnet for. And the solid silicone cup is tough and can fit almost any standard cup size your car might have. Its all-black appearance gives it a sleeker, less "gone" look and the easy-open lid adds to the uncluttered appearance, and the BMZX is reusable, easy to clean, and has a reasonable starting price.

Product specifications

  • Volume:15 ounces
  • Material:silicone therefore


  • Fits in most cup holders
  • resistant material
  • easy to clean


  • may be a little small
  • Mainly for dry garbage
  • The lid has no lock
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The largest trash can for cars

NJNJ Waterproof Dustbin

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The NJNJ Car Trash Can is a solid solution to heavy messes. Larger than most of our other picks, the NJNJ is therefore ideal for family cars or those traveling with large groups. Its waterproof interior lining keeps moisture in and off car surfaces, but can still easily accommodate a disposable bag. There are plenty of pockets on the front and sides to hold all sorts of cargo like umbrellas, scarves, and more.

Various mounting solutions can secure it to seat backs, the floor, or wherever it can be easily stored. It comes in neutral colors like black and gray, but it also has some wacky patterns available. Who said trash can't be fun? That said, it might be too big for some smaller cars, and the flimsy Velcro closure isn't ideal for keeping things tidy for long periods of time.

Product specifications

  • Volume:approximately 3 gallons
  • Material:Vinyl


  • great capacity
  • waterproof lining
  • storage pockets


  • It may be too big for some cars.
  • weak velcro
  • could be more resistant
The most minimalist car trash can

carbohydrate can

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For those looking for a garbage collection solution more like what they are used to at home or in the office, the Carbage Can may be the right choice for you. While it looks like a standard under-table container, there are some innovations in the works to make it a compatible part of your outlet. Most notable are the floor mat clips that secure the bin under the weight of a rug or between seat cushions.

It's a sleek, flush design for those who don't like to see handles or dangling trash at passenger eye level. A band wraps around the outside to secure a disposable trash bag, extras of which can be tucked away in a hidden compartment. Tough and waterproof, it's a simple and smart solution to car trash. However, there are problems, including the fact that there is no lid. This means that you will be exposed to everything that falls within its confines. It is also not compatible with WeatherTech mats.

Product specifications

  • Volume:3 gallons
  • Material:The plastic


  • simple and elegant
  • Open lid
  • Won't wobble or slide when secured


  • that way
  • Incompatible with WeatherTech mats
  • A little expensive for what it includes

Adding a trash can to the interior of a car can be off-putting to some drivers simply because it can be an eyesore no matter the caliber of the car. While some products try to be as simple and understated as possible, the OUDEW waste bin assumes you'll be the center of attention and adds a bit of zest to things. In addition to the multi-faceted hexagonal design, the OUDEW bin also works as a plastic flip top bin for dry rubbish.

It fits in most cup holders and door pockets, and the entire lid can be removed for easy cleaning. There are several color options available, so find one that suits your taste or buy one of each and choose the season. The lid has been known to come off and the spring inside isn't good, so it's definitely style over substance in a way, so keep that in mind if this lovely junk bauble catches your eye. It's also smaller than most of our other offerings, so this could become an issue if you plan to use it a lot.

Product specifications

  • Volume:10.23 ounces
  • Material:The plastic


  • elegant and colorful
  • Elastic and push-down top
  • Fits in most cup holders


  • Smaller than most offerings
  • Lid has been known to come loose

Our verdict on the best car trash can

Our pick for the best car trash can isFarsala All-In-One lata de lixo. We like its versatility, size, and price. We're especially impressed with the washable and reusable inner liners that reduce waste and the need to buy disposable bags. Our best value pick, theEPAuto Waterproof Dustbinhe's a runner-up to our top pick and would have topped our table if he hadn't been surpassed in quality by the Farsala container.

What to consider when buying a car trash can

Things to consider when it comes to buying a junk car are strength, size, and the materials it is made of. Waterproofing is also important, especially when it comes to food waste.

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Types of garbage cans for cars.

hanging trash can

Most car trash cans are of this type. This is mainly due to the unique interior design of a car. All of them are different and few have a wide space. A suspended trash can allows car owners much more variety in mounting options, allowing them to find the configuration that is most convenient for them.

floor trash can

If your car has room for it, a floor trash can is convenient and familiar. It's the same thing you have at home, only in your car! They tend to be larger and have wider openings as they are not meant to hang over the back of the car seat. That said, they typically don't have tops and take up legroom.

trash can cup holder

Car interiors have many nooks and crannies that collect all sorts of things. Cup holders are major offenders, conveniently trying the small stuff when they're not accommodating a drink. Trash cans with cup holders upgrade these trash magnets with proper receptacles that can neatly and conveniently collect all the trash that would end up there anyway.

Car Dustbin Key Features


Every car is different and so are the people who drive them. Some can keep things like food and drink outside, while others live in their cars. Depending on how you use your vehicle and how many people occupy it, it's important to find the right size trash can to meet your specific needs.


There is dry garbage and then wet garbage. Dry trash, like napkins and receipts, is easy to collect, but wet trash, like ketchup packets or juice boxes, tends to complicate sanitation efforts. Leaks make things wet, sticky, and sometimes smelly, so finding a waterproof solution is essential for anyone who leaves fluids in their car.


A tool like a car trash can is going to take a lot of beating, so you want something that will hold up over time. It's important not only that it hold up to daily use, but that it hold up to regular cleaning if it's the type that needs rinsing.

car trash can prices

Car trash can prices can start in the $10 range and go well beyond the reasonable $20-30 range. Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive solutions in the lower price range.

No purchase option

Everyone wants to save some money and do what's right for the environment. Sometimes that means taking a look at what you were about to throw away and repurposing it for a second life. As for a car trash can, many products can be reused and reused for trash can service. Some include old grocery bags, old recyclable containers, old cans (that is, if you're in the Chicago area and buy Garrett's popcorn), or other reusable containers. Save some money, save the planet - it's a win-win situation!

tips and tricks

Just like with something you use for decades and decades, you learn a few tips and tricks along the way in terms of selecting the right product and/or using it. This is the case with us and the garbage cans in cars. To help you fill the information gap, here's a selection of what we've learned along the way.

  • Make sure you have room for the trash can you want.
  • Choose a safe place to anchor a mailbox. Your gear stick doesn't count!
  • Be sure to empty it often, as you don't want it to stink up your car.
  • You can reuse old garbage bags as garbage bags.

frequent questions

You have questions. Drive has answers!

Q: Do car trash cans stand up on their own without tipping over?

Most car trash can solutions hang or mount to an existing part of the car interior, but are usually versatile enough to stand upright on a flat surface. Some are specially designed to sit on the floor of a car.

Q: How much trash can fit in car trash cans?

Typically, car trash can capacity is around 2 gallons. Fortunately, there are several solutions for those who are looking for larger or smaller boxes, depending on their needs.

Q: Are car trash cans leak proof?

Many of the car containers we reviewed have a waterproof interior, or at least a leak-proof lining. Some are better suited to dry litter, so be careful.

Q: What is the best way to clean out a recycle bin?

Depending on the materials, it could be something versatile enough to run through a washing machine, but more likely it's a polyester bag that can be wiped down and rinsed clean. Using a disposable bag will limit the need to do this, and if it seems like a waste, some options include washable and reusable bags.


What should I look for when buying a trash can? ›

Consider the placement and application of the trash cans that you buy. Kitchen bins should have a lid, office bins should be small and discreet, while trash cans for public places need to be decorative and attractive. The kitchen is also one area where there is commonly a requirement for additional recycling disposal.

Should I get a motion sensor trash can? ›

The short answer is yes, sensor trash cans are worth it. While the price bump can be prohibitive, we do believe that a motion sensor trash can has many benefits, convenience being only one. A hands-free trash can helps you keep away from bacteria and germs crawling around your garbage.

What are the 3 types of trash cans? ›

Green Container: Limited to food waste, yard waste, green waste, other organic materials. Blue Container: Allows for traditional recyclables, such as bottles, cans, and plastic, and organic waste such as paper and cardboard. Gray Container : Limited to waste that is not organic or recyclable.

Is the Iridium trash can worth it? ›

At the high end, the iridium trash can will give you 60 percent of an item's worth when you throw it away. What is this? Another big one has to do with inventory management. There's a way to painlessly transfer everyday items from your inventory to a chest.

Are metal or plastic trash cans better? ›

Metal trash cans tend to be more hygienic than plastic trash cans. They are much easier to clean and aren't quite as porous as plastic trash cans, so they are less of a breeding ground for bacteria, as long as you clean them regularly.


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