Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (2023)

Cars can get dirty easily. If you don't want your vehicle to look like a dumpster, then the best car accessory to have in it is a car dumpster.

Car trash cans are affordable and highly functional. Simply placing one in the car can drastically reduce clutter on the seats and floor of the vehicle. A car trash can is a must for family vehicles with children and pets.

Even if you are a tidy person, a car trash can can come in handy for outings like long car rides. It is unethical and illegal to throw trash out of windows.

There are a variety of products labeled as car trash cans. However, not all of these products are created equal. The strength, durability and quality of the car trash can are important. It is wise to think about dumpsters as much as you would about buying any other type of car accessory. After all, you probably don't want the dumpster to break and spill your trash all over the bottom of your vehicle.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best car trash cans currently available for all types of car models. We are considering different types of car trash cans made of different materials. In the end, the best product will be the container that best suits your habits as a driver and passenger.

Go ahead and learn more about the best car trash cans for your trip. If you have read the reviews, you are well informed to make the right purchase.


  • Features to look for in good car trash cans
  • The 10 Best Car Trash Cans of 2023
    • 1. Drive Auto Products car trash can
    • 2. EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can
    • 3. Zone Tech Universal Portable Travel Bin
    • 4. Clean the Ridez car flip top trash can
    • 5. El DRIVE Bin XL
    • 6. Mainly car trash cans
    • 7. IPELY Car Back Seat Headrest Garbage Bag
    • 8. Lebogner car trash can
    • 9. KDL Auto Auto Trash Can Auto Trash Storage
    • 10. KMMOTORS Jopps Black Waste Bin with Waste Basket
  • Guide to Buying the Best Car Trash Cans
    • Understand the specs
    • Type of car dustbin
    • Find suitable products for your vehicle model
    • Material
    • Size
    • ¿Whose way is this way?
    • lining
    • Prices
    • aesthetics

Features to look for in good car trash cans

Commercially available car trash cans can be roughly divided into two groups, floor-standing trash cans and headrest-hanging trash cans. Some car owners prefer to hang the litter bin on the back of the headrest for easy access by passengers. Other drivers prefer to move the dumpster out of the way and only make it accessible when needed. You can choose the type according to your individual preferences.

Let's look at some other considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a car dumpster:

  • Dimensions– This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a car trash can. Proper size is important as not all dumpsters fit into different vehicle models. Your car may or may not have a spacious interior. Therefore, the size of the car dumpster depends on the type of car you drive.
  • Material— The material from which the car waste bin is made must be durable for obvious reasons. The product is designed for long-term use, so the material must be able to withstand several kilograms of weight without tearing or tearing.
  • waterproof properties— Solid waste will not be the only waste that goes to the car dump. Liquids like coffee and soft drinks would also go in. Therefore, you need a car trash can that is either leakproof or waterproof enough to prevent spills.

Now that you have a general idea of ​​what to look for in a car trash can, read on to discover the best products to suit your vehicle model.

The 10 Best Car Trash Cans of 2023

1. Drive Auto Products car trash can

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (1)

Because we like it:This versatile fabric car trash can is easy to clean and simple to use. It's cheap enough to buy a lot as family cars tend to get dirty.

Publisher rating:

The Drive Auto Products car trash can is a smart solution for littering in family vehicles. The product comes from the As Seen on TV collection. The trash can not only works with cars, but can also be used on boats, RVs and other similar vehicles. It is without a doubt one of the best selling car trash can ideas of all time.


There are so many things to rave about the design of this car dumpster. It is well built with a leak proof material. It looks a bit like a cloth cooler, except it's for auto trash. The inside of the can is spacious while the outside is compact. The dumpster as a wire frame to keep the shape regardless of the fabric material. It comes with a set of disposable bags.


The bag is sewn by hand, so there is less risk of the frame tearing the fabric. The inner lining is heat sealed and can also prevent any kind of tear. Once the included liner is in place, the bin can hold any type of rubbish that a small bin can. It contains food, liquids and other waste without creating bad odors, although it has no lid. The bag can be attached to the back of a seat on the headrest, door handles or shifters thanks to the additional clips provided for adjustment.


This is a great headrest bin liner that doesn't take up too much space and does what it's supposed to with no issues. It could use a lid, but the disposable sachets make it convenient to use with no noticeable smells. It's easy to keep the bag clean with daily use. It is ideal for family cars that have children in the back. The trash can be placed in an accessible area so it doesn't destroy the car. The price is also surprisingly low, which really makes this car dumpster one of the best.


  • leak-proof design
  • Easy to clean inner lining
  • No smells
  • Easy to fit in the car.

In contrast

  • this way

2. EPAuto Waterproof Car Trash Can

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (2)

Because we like it:This car trash can is less like a trash can and more like a trash can. It has multiple pockets, a roomy leak-proof interior, and a lid to keep everything out of sight.

Publisher rating:

The EPAuto trash can is definitely one of the best car trash cans thanks to its leak-proof design. The Dumpster even comes with side pockets, the perfect gadget for keeping otherwise dirty vehicles clean and tidy. Each piece is sized 10″ x 8.75″ x 5.75″ with a 16.5″ buckle that adjusts to 29″ making this dumpster suitable for use with most vehicle types.


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What really stands out about the design of this bin is the waterproof interior. The regular looking trash can has a built in waterproof LiquiShield interior. It can hold any type of liquid such as coffee, water or soft drinks without spilling while driving. The trash can also has side pockets to classify the trash. The container is also spacious inside.


This trash can is perfect for family vehicles. It can easily accommodate the occasional food wrap or straw that usually ends up on the floor of the car. No liners are provided so you can use grocery bags with ease. Thanks to the adjustable strap, it can be attached to the headrest of most modern seats. Either that or pass in front of a seat. The advantage is that the garbage bag is just as easy to lift as it is to put down. In addition, it is equipped with a Velcro cover so that the garbage cannot be seen.


It's a great, well-constructed garbage bag that's more than worth its meager asking price. The leak-proof design allows the baddie to hold almost anything, even nasty diapers. The waste bin hangs over the headrest so it cannot tip over. The lid keeps the bag in place without anyone looking at the junk inside. You can even organize your rubbish in the side pockets.


  • leak-proof design
  • easy installation
  • Several side pockets
  • Adjustable strap
  • Velcro

In contrast

  • No disposable bag

3. Zone Tech Universal Portable Travel Bin

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (3)

Because we like it:The small but sturdy construction makes it easy to store this bin discreetly in a car. The leak-proof and washable design is very convenient for family outings.

Publisher rating:

It's hard not to understand why the Zone Tech Universal Traveling Trash Bag is another of thebest car junkContainers that money can buy. It is very convenient for keeping cars clean. The manufacturer boasts that this container is made of high quality material. It is certainly strong and very durable and well worth the considerably low price.


Zone Tech's trash can is shaped like a can and not a pocket like the two above. It's not necessarily designed to fit on a seat's headrest. The design apparently takes size into account; These dumpsters are very compact at 6″ in diameter and 8″ in height. Yes, they are a lot smaller than they appear and barely bigger than a soda can. But the interior is still spacious enough. The cloth material that makes up each container is strong, like the covers of a tent. Containers can withstand a lot in any vehicle and last a long time.


Thanks to the small size, each Grande fits comfortably in a compartment inside the car, for example in a lower center console compartment. There is no headrest strap, but there is a small loop strap to attach. If the headrest is detachable, lift it up and fasten the strap to secure this bin behind a seat. It can also be placed on the floor. The interior is completely leak-proof to absorb liquids. The bin is collapsible in case it needs to be put away. If the fabric gets too dirty, the trash can can be hand washed.


The Zone Tech trash can is convenient and practical for everyday use in the car. It might not be as big or have a headrest strap, but it's compact and washable. The container can be placed unobtrusively in a vehicle, and the leak-proof design makes it even more useful.


  • Compact
  • Washable
  • leak test
  • robust construction
  • Continuous

In contrast

  • Without headrest belt

4. Clean Ridez Auto Trash Can with Hinged Lid

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (4)

Because we like it:Clean Ridez is a spacious dumpster that makes cars and boats less messy without breaking the owner's bank. The bin is very spacious and does not need to be emptied all the time.

Publisher rating:

The generously sized Clean Ridez Auto Trash Can is definitely a product to rave about. If you are tired of the small car dumpsters that need to be emptied and cleaned constantly, then this giant dumpster would be a solid solution. It looks less like a trash can and more like a storage bag that can hold a huge mess and leave the rest of the vehicle sparkling clean.


First off, it's huge. Just think of the dimensions: 14″ high x 10″ wide x 6″ deep. It's about the size of a small backpack and can hold about 10 crushed beer cans in it. In addition to the spacious interior, there are several mesh side pockets that can hold small containers like a water bottle. The front of the bag has a zip pocket for convenient storage of wet wipes or hand sanitizer. The villain is leakproof, washable and detachable from the tether. The interior is lined with waterproof material and is removable and reusable. It comes in handy when you run out of disposable bags. The garbage bag has an adjustable strap with Velcro straps for secure placement. The velcro also makes it easy to remove.


The product is perfectly designed to add functionality to a car interior. The bag has a hinged lid that hides the trash and makes it easy to use. It can even be used while driving. Emptying only takes a few minutes. Remove the leakproof inner liner and you're done. The pad is washable, eliminating the need for disposable plastic pads. When not in use as a garbage bag, this product doubles as a car cooler.


The great thing about this dumpster is its size. The large size is ideal for family cars, road travelers and other cars that tend to get dirty. There are several wonderful advantages here, such as the adjustable Velcro fastener and the removable inner lining. This car trash can is very convenient and useful as long as you can get over the all black design. If the interior of your vehicle is white or brown, these garbage bags would stand out.


  • removable lining
  • Washable and requires no disposable pads.
  • big size
  • Velcro fasteners
  • Folding lid
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In contrast

  • The large size with black exterior is noticeable when the interior of the car is bright.

5. Der DRIVE XL-Container

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (5)

Because we like it:The Drive Bin XL is a large car bin that offers excellent quality for the price. It eliminates most of the problems of using a car trash can, such as B. opening the lid if necessary.

Publisher rating:

The Drive Bin XL is labeled as a "jumbo" car bin. forks. This is one of the largest car dump containers available for passenger cars. Size can be both beneficial and problematic. If you have a small car or a car with DVD screens on the headrest, it would not be convenient to place this trash can. If you have a spacious car or SUV, then this is the best car trash can you can have.


The Drive Bin XL is 15 inches long, 10 inches high and 7 inches wide at the opening. So it's big. The bag comes with a set of disposable plastic bags that act as a leakproof liner. You can use grocery bags at home when they go out. The bin has a lid that is held in place by magnets (but not airtight). The interior has insulated walls that keep the temperature and smell inside. The strap is adjustable up to 41 inches.


This car trash can can hold a large amount of trash. The biggest advantage is the magnetized lid. It stays open when left open and closes with a small touch. This also makes it easier to put on while driving. It's a simple idea, but most auto dumpsters don't implement it like this product. The container can be rolled around the center console, attached to a seat or placed on the floor. Doesn't trip. It's also ideally waterproof and very capable of keeping liquids inside.


This is the perfect product for those looking for a larger than average car trash can at an affordable price. It is well insulated and keeps liquids inside. Its use is very comfortable thanks to the magnetized lid. The risk of tipping is also low. As long as you have a spacious interior in your vehicle, this scrap car would work perfectly.


  • huge size
  • Adjustable strap
  • leak-proof interior
  • Magnetized lid that stays open until closed
  • no smells

In contrast

  • Too big for some vehicle models.

6. Mainly car trash cans

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (6)

Because we like it:This handy car trash can comes with a lid that covers the trash. It's easy to reach and dispose of, even with the lid on. In addition, it looks subtle.

Publisher rating:

Mainly Auto Car Trash Can is a great product for family vehicles with simple design decisions that result in excellent convenience. This car trash can be attached to the headrest and comes with a lid. It's discreet, convenient and doesn't need to be emptied all the time. The price is a bit high compared to the average car trash can, but the product is worth considering.


At 14 x 10 x 6 inches, this trash can is moderately spacious and can hold around 2 gallons of liquid. The inner lining is leak-proof and can be removed for washing. You can also use disposable pads if needed. On the front of the bag there is a zip pocket that offers additional storage space. The dump strap is adjustable up to 35 inches and has a quick release button. This trash can features a hinged lid that keeps the trash inside out of sight.


This trash can is well built so it won't tip over even when not full. Debris removal is quick and easy thanks to the removable liner and quick release buckle. However, the hinged lid is not secured. If you like to drive with the windows open or take curious pets with you, it is advisable to fix the cover with a rubber band. The construction is sturdy, especially the lining.


This car trash can is slightly more expensive than the others. Buy it for the practicality as it is optimally designed to make scrap car removal convenient. It's pretty easy to get to the back while driving to get rid of something. The garbage bags are not too big, so placing them becomes difficult. Thanks to the adjustable strap, it can be wrapped around the console when that is the best position. Just one of these will instantly make your car a lot less messy.


  • cover available
  • easy placement
  • Adjustable strap
  • washable lining
  • leak test

In contrast

  • A little more expensive than usual
  • The lid doesn't hold

7. IPELY Car Back Seat Headrest Garbage Bag

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (7)

Because we like it:This car garbage bag has no wire frame, so it can be placed in the car unobtrusively. It doesn't protrude when full, making passengers uncomfortable. In addition, the price is incredibly cheap.

Publisher rating:

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The Ipely car garbage bag is designed as a small fabric bag that can be placed around the headphones. The main advantage is that the bag does not have a wire frame, which can result in some garbage bags sticking out towards the passengers. This risk does not exist with this product. It is also very durable and comes with many desirable benefits.


This car garbage bag from Ipely is made of high quality oxford material. It is very durable and adapts well to many environments, including in the car and in the office. Due to the shape of the bag, it has no lid. However, it has a strap to adjust the bag around the headrest. Interestingly, the bottom of the bag has a velcro closure. To throw away the rubbish, simply peel off the velcro and the rubbish will pour out with ease. The full size is 7″ x 15″. The upper part is elastic and everything can be washed.


This bag does not require any inserts and does not take up much space. The opening of the bag is elasticated so it can be secured while litter accumulates. Plus, the fitted bodice keeps curious pets and kids out of the car dump. There is no need to search for disposable bags because the Oxford material is easily washable. Discreet design keeps bag and trash out of sight. It is well suited for small cars with limited interior space.


This is a durable car garbage bag made of high quality material with optimal comfort of use. Installing it in the car is easy, as is getting rid of the accumulated junk. But perhaps the best thing is the price, which is one of the cheapest compared to other bin liners. Given the performance and price, it would be a shame not to have this in a small car. As for the disadvantages, the opening cannot be opened quickly to dispose of the garbage. The bag is also very compact and cannot contain some types of garbage. Side pockets are also missing.


  • Velcro closure at bottom for easy garbage disposal
  • Made from high quality material
  • Continuous
  • very frugal

In contrast

  • without hinged lid
  • Maybe too small for some cars.

8. Lebogner car waste bin

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (8)

Because we like it:The Lebogner car waste bin consists ofwoven nylon, Manufacturing is one of the toughest products out there. The trash can features a clever design that makes the functionality convenient and less intrusive compared to other similar products.

Publisher rating:

Say goodbye to car dustbins with paper bags with this car dustbin from Lebogner. Made of incredibly strong material, this bin is large and very suitable for families. It's great for people who don't have time to empty the trash frequently.


This car trash can has four solid walls. The material is woven nylon, but the container will not collapse when half empty. The nylon makes the container even stronger. The lid is easy to open and close. The size is 12.5H x 10.5"W x 7"D so you can expect a spacious bin. As well as a very roomy center there are side pockets to conveniently store things like wipes. The garbage container is absolutely leak-proof. The top has adjustable straps that fit most vehicles. It can be installed on car seats, placed on the floor, or placed on the center console.


The bottom of the bin has velcro straps to prevent the bin from sliding all over the car floor. That's not the only convenience. It can hold about 3 gallons of liquid and you don't have to empty it often. When not in use, the trash can folds away for easy storage. It's also very light. It has trip protection that most car owners can get past. The only problem is that it can take up too much floor space on some vehicles.


This is a great car trash can for long trips or general daily use. The construction is very strong and it only takes about 30 seconds to install. The design is chic, albeit eye-catching. Your car will be a world cleaner with this interior. However, it does not have a removable lining and is not washable. use withdisposable pads.


  • robust construction
  • not collapsible
  • trip protection
  • Large and spacious container
  • leak test

In contrast

  • Without washable interior
  • too obvious

9. KDL Auto Auto Trash Can Auto Trash Storage

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (9)

Because we like it:A handy little plastic bin that fits easily in your drink holder. It has many desirable benefits like durability and comes in several pretty colors.

Publisher rating:

The KDL Car Dumpster is exactly as advertised. It's a miniature version of the normal trash cans found in a home or office. It is built to last with high durability.ABS-Material.It requires no installation and is perfect for everyday use in the car.


This is a small plastic trash can about the size of a coffee cup. At 15 x 9 cm, it's designed to fit in a cup holder. Plastic is of course leak proof and can hold the most common types of junk you get from everyday car use. The car trash can has a compression spring mechanism for the lid. It's always locked and you can slide your trash in. It can even be used in bathrooms, kitchens or office cubicles. ABD plastic is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The dumpster top comes in beautiful colors like Robin's Egg Blue and Sunflower Yellow. If you want a single color you can always spray it.


This no-fuss trash can is made out of plastic, unlike most fabrics. The benefit is that it keeps its shape no matter what. The material is very durable and waterproof. It's small enough to be discreet. Place it in a cup holder or bottom door shelf for easy access and convenient placement. It's small, so it can only hold a few types of material. If you have a lot of junk, such as B. several crushed cans, this may not work. If you don't have junk it's great for loose change.


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It's refreshing to see a plastic trash can in a sea of ​​fabric. This little trash can works as expected. Nothing needs to be installed and it's easy to remove the content. Be sure to put it in a cup holder though, as it would just trip over it on the floor.


  • made from plastic
  • Long lasting
  • very compact
  • Fits in cup holders

In contrast

  • Stumbles on the floor

10 KMMOTORS Jopps rubbish bin rubbish bin black

Best car trash cans 2023: Good Riddance (10)

Because we like it:A simple and affordable no-frills car trash can that serves its primary purpose quite well. It can be hidden invisibly in the car.

Publisher rating:

The KMMOTORS Jopps Wastebasket is a Korean-made car trash can with a minimalist design. The intended purpose is clear and there are no over-the-top gimmicks to worry about. It is economical and suitable for any car, SUV, van or RV model.


This auto junk has a design so simple it's almost refreshing. No fancy gimmicks here. The bin has a black exterior and looks a bit like a mini tote bag. It's designed to sit on the floor, but it comes with a strap to keep the bag in place like the console. The dimensions are 8.6 x 5.7 x 8.6 inches. It's compact without being too small. The interior can hold liquids up to 7 liters. There is a button on the outside to secure the garbage bag in place.


This bin liner has no inner lining, so it must be used with a disposable bin liner. It is not leak proof unless the disposable bag you use is waterproof. Otherwise, this bag is built from a strong material. It can be difficult to keep the pouch open when it's almost empty, but it goes unnoticed and doesn't really spill. Unlike most car trash cans, this one doesn't trip over it. There is a strap that can be wrapped around seats or other parts to prevent the bag from moving around in the vehicle.


While this car trash can doesn't have any fancy features, it does serve the basic purposes for which it is designed. The bag can be placed out of sight in a vehicle instead of on the headrest or console. That's a big plus for drivers who don't want the trash can to be displayed. The sturdy construction also makes this product very durable.


  • simple design
  • tether
  • Long lasting

In contrast

  • no inner lining
  • not leakproof

Guide to Buying the Best Car Trash Cans

Vehicles can easily get dirty, especially when traveling with children. Therefore, owning any type of scrap car is enough to keep your vehicle clean and tidy. Still, you might want to choose a product that best suits your budget and needs. Before you buy a dumpster, sit down and assess your needs first. These factors determine the best product for you. One of the above products may perfectly suit your needs, or you may want to choose a different product. Either way, it's important to first understand what you need.

Buying an auto trash can isn't that difficult, but the sheer number of products available can make the process daunting. Below is a list of tips to review before deciding on a final product. Rate the car trash cans you have in mind based on the following characteristics. The aim of this short guide is to help you make the best decision possible.

Understand the specs

Of course, car dustbins do not have complicated specifications, but pay attention to simple details. The manufacturer must disclose aspects of the product such as its dimensions, the material it is made of, and warranty information. These three are the most important, but there may be other factors to look out for. Please read the fine print of the product details to really understand the product you are purchasing. You may not always find the raw data at the top. So scroll to the bottom of the product description to find the specs you really need to know.

Type of car dustbin

There are two main types of car trash cans: hanging trash cans and floor standing trash cans. Most products are one or the other. It is very rare to find a car dumpster that can be hung and placed on the ground at the same time. Hanging trash cans are usually made of fabrics that, like any bag, could collapse inwards when lying on the ground. Floor standing bins do not come with headrest straps. If you need a specific place for your trash can, think about these two types before you buy. It's hard to say which type is best for your car without evaluating your needs. No type is considered better than the other, so you can choose the best type that works best for you.

Find suitable products for your vehicle model

Car trash cans, like most other car accessories, need to be adjusted to fit different vehicle models. Most dumpsters are designed to fit any vehicle model. However, this is not always the case. Some trash cans require cup holders to place them. If you are looking for a hanging car garbage bag, you should know that the length of the strap wraps around the headrest. Products with adjustable straps are suitable for most cars. Before you buy a car dumpster, measure the circumference of the car's headrest. Visualize the dimensions of the dumpster in your mind so you can be sure it will fit in your car. This is especially important if you're buying a large trash can for your car.


Auto trash cans are made from different types of fabrics or ABS plastic. Hard trash cans are made of plastic, just like most trash cans in the office or at home. Hanging trash cans are often made from fabric because they are easier to handle. In addition, the fabric does not cause any discomfort to passengers like hard plastics would. Material quality may vary. But one feature to look out for is how leak-proof the construction is. If the exterior is fabric, the interior should have a leak-proof liner. Or you can use a disposable garbage bag.
Most manufacturers don't specify what fabric auto garbage cans are made of, although it's usually nylon or polyester. These two materials are durable and strong and are highly recommended for long-term use.


Do you want a large car trash can for long car rides with kids, or a small, compact trash can that's easy to assemble and store away? Larger bins don't need to be emptied constantly like smaller versions. That in turn depends on how much rubbish ends up in the car. It is recommended to consider your waste generation habits and then decide whether you want a jumbo or compact bin.

¿Whose way is this way?

Not all car trash cans have themTapas, note. You may only find this necessary if, for example, you need to drive with the windows open. The lid keeps trash out of sight and protects against spills. Are you traveling with pets? Next, you'll need a trash can with a lockable lid to keep the dog from sniffing around and making a mess. Garbage containers placed in trash cans may not require lids.


The inner liner of the dumpster keeps the garbage inside and prevents liquids from leaking out. There are two main options here: you can buy almost any auto trash can, and you can use grocery bags as a disposable liner. The other option is to buy a trash can that comes with a removable and washable liner. The lining must be tight. It would be ideal if it were also waterproof.


Perhaps the most important factor when buying a car trash can is the price. Buyers may prefer to have one or two. Luckily, individual car bin prices are surprisingly low. A good product can be found for less than $20 per unit. Therefore, compared to other car accessories, the price does not matter much. Some of the best car trash cans listed above cost under ten dollars. For once, you don't have to worry too much about the price.


Would you settle for a black trash can in your car with brown seats? Available colors are also things to consider if you want your vehicle's interior to look classy. This is a minor consideration compared to other factors listed above. Once you've checked everything else, it's also worth considering looks and colors.

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    Are metal or plastic trash cans better? ›

    Metal trash cans tend to be more hygienic than plastic trash cans. They are much easier to clean and aren't quite as porous as plastic trash cans, so they are less of a breeding ground for bacteria, as long as you clean them regularly.

    What are intelligent trash cans? ›

    Bin-e is an AI-based smart waste bin, designed for public places, enabling them to simplify recycling. It sorts and compresses the waste automatically, controls the fill level and processes data for convenient waste management. Just throw the waste inside!

    What wind speed knocks over trash cans? ›

    Trash and recycling bins can be tipped over and blown onto streets or sidewalks with 35 mph winds.

    Is the Iridium trash can worth it? ›

    At the high end, the iridium trash can will give you 60 percent of an item's worth when you throw it away. What is this? Another big one has to do with inventory management. There's a way to painlessly transfer everyday items from your inventory to a chest.

    Should I buy a touchless trash can? ›

    The short answer is yes, sensor trash cans are worth it. While the price bump can be prohibitive, we do believe that a motion sensor trash can has many benefits, convenience being only one. A hands-free trash can helps you keep away from bacteria and germs crawling around your garbage.


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