Fleck 5600 Troubleshooting Guide (2023)

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If you are wondering “how do I regenerate a Fleck 5600 manually” or “how do I reset my digital water softener”, you will find all this useful information in the Fleck 5600sxt installation guide. However, identifying the problem with the water softener is half the battle.

This Fleck 5600 Troubleshooting Guide looks at troubleshooting the Fleck water softener so you can accurately interpret the Fleck 5600sxt error codes and why the Fleck 5600 manual regeneration is not working.

Fleck 5600 problems and solutions

Read on to learn about some of the most common Fleck 5600 issues and troubleshooting tips.

1. The water conditioner does not regenerate

Why doesn't my water softener regenerate automatically? If your water conditioner is not regenerating, it could be due to a power outage, power outage, or a faulty timer. To fix the lack of regeneration, the electrical installation of the softener must be checked.

To do this, check the plug, fuse, switch or traction current for visible damage. If there is no damage, reset the time and perform a manual regeneration of the Fleck 5600. If it still does not regenerate automatically, replace the timer with a new part.

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2. Hard water

Water softeners are designed to provide soft water for your home faucets. But if you notice your water is hard or tastes harsh, the Fleck 5600 isn't working. Hard water may indicate a bypass valve is open; There is no salt in the brine tank, insufficient water flow, leaking manifold or leaking internal valve.

You may also experience hot water tank hardness, causing all of your water to be hard. Double check all bypass valves are closed, clean injector screen, fill brine tank with salt and check all pipes for leaks.

If you find a leak, seal it with a gasket or other sealant. Do several repeated washes with the hardness of the hot water tank until the water becomes softer.

3. The device used too much salt

If your Fleck 5600 has too much salt causing the water level to fluctuate, this is one of the easiest problems to fix.

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Consult the Fleck 5600 manual to ensure you have the correct salt settings for the Fleck 5600. If that doesn't work, you probably have too much water in your brine tank. See the Fleck 5600 Troubleshooting Manual for instructions on how to troubleshoot this issue.

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4. Loss of water pressure

Several situations can lead to a loss of water pressure. The two most common are iron buildup in the air conditioner, a line going to the air conditioner, or a blocked control port due to recent plumbing.

Remove the conditioner bulb and clean the control system if you have recently done any plumbing work. If you think it might be iron deposits, clean the line and controls.

Then add a mineral purifier to the mineral bed and increase the frequency of automatic regeneration. If that still doesn't work, perform a manual regeneration of the Fleck 5600.

5. Loss of minerals through the drainage line

Mineral loss through the drain line will result in water not softening properly. Mineral loss is due to air in the water system or improperly sized drain line flow control. To correct this, check the sump system vent and make sure the sump is dry.

Bose Soundlink won't turn on: Res...

Bose Soundlink won't turn on: fix it with this guide

Check the drain rate to make sure it's at the right level. Refer to the Fleck 5600 manual for the correct system configuration.

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6. Iron in conditioned water

If your treated water contains iron, it means the mineral bed is polluted. To fix this and remove excess iron from the tap water, check the brine tank suction, backwash and fill line.

If all are in good health, increase the regeneration frequency and backwash time. This should remove the iron and soften the water again.

7. Too much water in the brine tank

Several things cause overwatering in the brine tank. OThe problem may be due to a clogged drain line, clogged injector system, an incorrect timer cycle, or debris in the brine valve or brine line flow control.

Correcting this situation usually requires some routine maintenance, such as: B. cleaning the flow regulator, cleaning the injector screen, replacing the timer, replacing the brine valve seat, replacing the clean valve, or cleaning the brine line flow regulator.

If you haven't already done so, you can clean these parts every year or two to prevent system malfunctions.

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8. The softener is not extracting brine

This problem may be related to a leak or blockage. Flow in the inlet, strainer, or drain line may be blocked. Other causes could be an internal control leak, low line pressure, or a faulty service adapter not operating efficiently.

You can fix this by cleaning the injector, strainer and drain line flow control. Other solutions include increasing the line pressure up to 20psi or changing the seals, spacers and pistons with a Fleck 5600 rebuild kit. The final option is to check the drive motor and switches for damage.

9. Check cycles continuously

If your control circuits keep working when they shouldn't, the problem is most likely a faulty switch. The switch may be defective, incorrectly set, or shorted.

Check if the culprit is the switch and replace it. It could also be a defective timer that requires a replacement part.

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10. The drain flows continuously

If the drain is continuous, it could be a valve, leak, or debris. If you have a valve that has not been correctly programmed using the Fleck 5600sxt installation guide, you will need to check the placement of the timer scheduler.

(Video) Fleck 5600SXT Control Valve Programming

Replace powerhead assembly if placement is incorrect. View the Fleck 5600sxt parts diagram to help identify different parts.

Remove the powerhead and inspect the bore for debris. Remove the clogging material and perform a manual regeneration. Replace all seals and pistons if the problem is a controlled leak.

Fleck 5600SXT Flashing water drop

The flashing light corresponding to the drop of water indicates that the stain softener is not working properly. Your water softener needs to be checked if you see the Fleck 5600sxt flashing water drop.

That blinking light could mean a number of things, but it's the device trying to communicate that something is wrong. This light is usually blue and flashes every two seconds on the water softener itself.

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Fleck 5600SXT Error Codes

Below is a quick overview of the different Fleck 5600 error codes and ways to fix them. Error codes are useful because they tell you what's wrong with the system.

Error Code 0: Camera sensor error

The valve drive should take six minutes to move to follow the regeneration position. This code is displayed when this is not the case. To fix this, unplug the device, check all components for damage, and replace if necessary. A softener reset can help.

Error Code 1: Cycle Step Error

Error code 1 means the controller experienced an unexpected loop-in. To correct this error code, make sure all salt, water, and flow settings are correct. Then perform a reset followed by a manual regeneration.

Error code 2: Regeneration failed

This code means that the system could not be regenerated. Therefore, perform a manual regeneration to start the system.

Error code 3: memory error

If a controller board memory error occurs, perform a master reset to reconfigure the programming controls. Reset the system and perform a manual regeneration.

UD error code: Upper unit sync

This error code means that a power failure occurred while installing a programming change. This error code will correct itself.

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How to manually regenerate a Fleck 5600 water softener?

For those wondering, "Should I manually regenerate my water softener?" The answer is probably yes. Manually restarting the water conditioner can help get the ball rolling if there is a small problem.

To manually regenerate your fabric softener, turn the manual registration knob clockwise to reach "RAIN". It is so easy!

(Video) How to rebuild fleck 5600 new pistons and seals

How do I reset my water softener?

If you are wondering "How do I reset my Fleck 5600 water softener?" you can find out here. It's a bit more complex than a manual regeneration, but still easy. Follow the steps below to reset the softener:

1. Unplug the device's power cord.

2. Press and hold the Next Cycle button on the controller. While holding this button, plug the power cord back into the power outlet.

3. Count to three after plugging in the power cord and releasing the Next Cycle button.


Try these troubleshooting methods before calling a repair technician or technical support. Water softeners can be tricky, but if you get a little handy you can get your Fleck 5600 up and running again without any help with this Fleck 5600 troubleshooting guide.

frequently asked questions

What would cause a Fleck water softener to stop working?

As this article describes, there are many reasons why a water softener may stop working. The most likely causes of problems are leaks and clogs in the system.
Ensuring that the salt and water levels are set correctly will help the softener work better.

How often does Fleck 5600 regenerate?

It depends on the settings chosen and the size of the property, but a Fleck 5600 water softener will regenerate every three to fifteen days.

(Video) Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener Valve Programming - aQuatell.com

How do you skip a water softener, Fleck?

Skipping a water softener is easy. All you have to do is turn the bypass valve to drain the water from your Fleck system.


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