How do you measure microwave cubic feet? | Get the right size (2023)

Knowing them is important when purchasing your microwave ovenSizeout of the microwave so you cani guessedthe size of what you can put in the oven.

By knowing the size of the interior of your microwave oven, you can easily estimate whether it is the perfect size for your cooking needs.

In this article, you will learn the basics ofhow to measure cubic feet of a microwaveso you can buy it easily.

So you don't buy and discover that the size of theInnerOven is not suitable for its purpose. The interior space of microwave ovens is indicated withcubic foot,which is calculated from the interior height, width and depth.

To measure cubic feet you will need atape measure. Use a tape measure (in inches) and measure firsthighest to lowest pointthe microwave, second theinside widthfrom side to side and third fromfrom the front to the back. Once you have all three distances, multiply them all together. Finally, divide this number by 1728 to get the Cubic FT measurements.

microwave sizes

Microwave ovens have been categorized into 4 different types or sizes, we have compact, medium, large and extra large microwaves.

Compact microwave oven

Compact microwave models are consideredlowerWas1 cubic foot, is smaller than other furnace size classes and has atinyinside, it's good for a lotsmall microwaveable bowls.

Medium size microwave oven

This is slightly larger than the compact oven. It varies from1.1 cubic feetfor1,5. It also meansAveragesmall microwave and it's quite decent forBake.

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Full size microwave

A full size microwave oven is about1.6-2 cubic feet, they make up some of the largest sizes ofToasteralthough some brands make slightly larger ovens. any microwavegreaterwhat2 cubic feetIt is consideredextra big.

How to measure microwave cubic feet

Sometimes it may be necessary to measure an oven, either to replace it or to determine if it is serving the purpose of your purchase.

The interiors of microwave ovens are mainly measured incubic, but sometimes they are also measuredfeet. So how do you calculate and estimate the size of your interior?

Formeasurethe cubic meters of a furnace, just get oneTape Measure (in inches)and TUthree actionslike this:

  1. Measure from thelowerpoint tovery highcombustion chamber point (elevation). Make sure you don't measure the outside height, just the height of the oven cavity.
  2. measure orinside width (width)extension of the measuring tapeA pagefor theOthers.
  3. Finally, measure the interior offrom back to front(Depth).
  4. Multiplyat3Pay to get yourscubic foot.
  5. you thento sharevon1.728to discovercubic footyour microwave.

The most common cubic feet for microwave ovens

Most microwave oven users prefer thelife sizeMicrowave. a loved one60%become the userpreferOvens range from1.1-1.9 Cubic feetfor other microwave ovens.

Although some people prefer microwaves that can do that easilyadjustNOcountertop, others prefer the larger ones due to theNatureyour needs.

Ovens larger thanmore than 2 cubic feetThey are also quite common for people who have to serve large numbers of people.

Ovens smaller than 1.0 cubic feet are generally reserved for those who have limited microwave needs or for those who don't have enough kitchen counter space.

Microwave oven classes and their sizes

Over time,3 Klassenof microwave ovens, there arebuilt-inOven,out of reachoven and theBank.

Let's check the average size found for each.

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How do you measure microwave cubic feet? | Get the right size (1)

These are classified aseasier to managetypes of microwave ovens,andersthe overreach and thebuilt-in oven, it is quite easy to manage.

You can just put it in asafe countereplug it inwithout noise. Most peoplepreferof the tabletop microwave due to its ease of use.

These have the most versatile range of sizes. For a typical house you can find everything out0.7 cubic feet to 2.2 cubic feet.

About the microwave range

How do you measure microwave cubic feet? | Get the right size (2)

Over the Range (OTR) microwave ovens, as the name suggests, fit on top of a stovetop and double as a range hood.

These ovens are not usually found in small sizes.. Your typical Cubic FT measurement ranges from1.4 to 2.0 CUFT.In other words, they have a medium to high internal capacity.

Built-in microwave

How do you measure microwave cubic feet? | Get the right size (3)

The built-in oven must bespecially installed, usually from usually assembledin a closet, on a wall or on apurpose built roomat home, a built-in microwave variessize too.

They can be as small as1 Cubicormore than 2However, the disadvantage of this class of ovens is that it takes almost as longuninstall stressWhile the installation is taking place, it is usually highlighted with aprofessional, and you can't put them on a counter like a microwave oven.

Often even some countertop microwave ovens can serve as built-in ovens. You usually need to invest in aFinishing-KitProfessional installation of built-in ovens.

How to choose the right microwave size

which to chooseperfectFull-size microwave oven, you need to consider a few things not to do thatMistakegetting something too small or too big

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What you will prepare:

In order to choose the perfect size, you need to take that into accountPurposewhat you buy for when you buyfamily use, you probably don't need anything too big, so nothing1,1-1,5 CUFTIt can better meet your needs and won't take up too much space.

If you're buying an oven for an office to warm up sandwiches or cups of coffee, a small option with an internal capacity of less than 1.0 CU FT would do just fine.

Planning on cooking a whole chicken? Then go for a larger option.

personal use

if you livealone, maybe you prefer thesmall tablemicrowave, areeasy to move

Commercial use

If the furnace from aBusiness, you might want to consider those that areover 2 cubic feet.

Larger ovens aren't just big in terms of size, they're also powerful. Therefore, they heat and cook very quickly compared to traditional options.

Of course, with larger stoves, you also have to consider where the stove should go.placedfor use.


Finally, here we have seen how to measure microwave cubic feet. This measurement provides information about the internal capacity of the microwave oven.

Basically it tells you what class the oven falls into, so small, medium, large or extra large.

That more or less also correlates with the power it has. In general, the greater the internal capacitance, the greater the power rating. This in turn means that the larger the capacity of the microwave oven, the faster it will heat up and cook.

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1. How big is a standard microwave?

Typically, the capacity varies between 1.5 and 2.2 cubic feet. Widths vary between approximately 21 and 24 inches. The height is usually between 13 and 14 inches. Closed door depths are typically between 16 and 20 inches.

2. How big is a large microwave?

About 35 inches.
Average size and dimensions of a large microwave. Typically, large countertop microwaves have an external microwave dimension of approximately 35 inches high, 18-24 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.

3. How do I know what size microwave I should go for across the range?

Allow at least 66 inches from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet for easy access to stoves above the stove. In addition, you need at least30 inches between oven surfaceand the back of the closet. The term capacity refers to the size of the inner cavity.

4. Is there a standard microwave size across the range?

There is no standard microwave size above the range. However, they typically range in size from 18 to 30 inches wide.

5. How do you find the cubic feet of a microwave oven?

Cubic feet are calculated by multiplying the length, width, and height of the microwave cavity in inches by 1,728 and dividing by that number. To create a sleek built-in look, you can pair your countertop microwave with a cladding kit.

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