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When it comes to gaming chairs, the X-Rocker needs no new introduction. Since introducing the first solid floor gaming rocking chair in 2005, X Rocker Gaming has grown to become the industry leader in gaming chairs.

Since then, the company has grown to be the go-to place for all games. X Rocker manufactures unique, high quality gaming chairs protected by over a dozen patents and trademarks worldwide.

The X-Rocker gaming chairs are the top choice for PS4 users, but you need to know how to attach them properly. So today we are going to write a complete guide to teach you how to configure X-Rocker gaming chairs for PS4.


Does the PS4 console have Bluetooth connectivity?

Before we see the methods and steps required to set up x rocker gaming chairs with PS4, we need to know whether the PS4 gaming console has Bluetooth connectivity or not. PS4 comes with Bluetooth and you can just turn it on.

To search for nearby Bluetooth devices, go to Settings, then Devices, then Bluetooth devices. The collection includes all paired and unpaired Bluetooth devices. In order to connect a Bluetooth device to your PS4 console, you must first pair it with your system. To complete the pairing process, select the Bluetooth device you want to connect and enter the passkey. Some devices may connect automatically without the passkey.

Please note that the Bluetooth wireless gaming chair can't connect to PS4 via Bluetooth directly, because the Bluetooth on the wireless gaming chair is for audio mode only, while the Bluetooth on PS4 is for PS4 modules only. . But we will show you one way to connect your wireless gaming chair to your Ps4 game console in our guide below.

How to set up the X-Rocker gaming chair for PS4

While many wireless gaming chairs are compatible with PS4, some of you may experience connection issues with your console right away. For example, X Rockers wireless gaming chairs are compatible with PS4, but many of them still cannot connect properly.

We will discuss below three different methods that you can follow to set up your X-Rocker gaming chair with PS4. The methods we are going to discuss not only work for x-rocker gaming chairs but also for most other wireless gaming chairs. However, the connection process may vary slightly depending on the type and brand of gaming chair you are using.

Method 1: Connecting with RAC audio cables

When you buy the X-Rocker gaming chair, you will get a longer 3.5mm cable for RAC and also a shorter 3.5mm cable for RAC. The package also includes two B3 barrel adapters. You can use these cables to connect your gaming chair to your TV and then connect your TV to your PS4. This process is very simple.

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Step 1: Connect RAC audio cable

To connect the RAC audio cables you will need both RAC cables with the two B3 tube adapters included in the kit. The connection must follow a color code; White with white and red with red.

Step 2: Connect the TV to the chair using the RAC audio cables

Connect the green ends of the cables to the audio out jack on the TV and the opposite end with a white and red connector to the audio jacks on the control panel of the X Rocker wireless gaming chair.

You need to follow a little guide when connecting TV audio out with RAC audio cables. Make sure your TV's audio output and RAC audio cables are compatible. Below we give the guide to make it easier for you to understand.

Optical audio output:These are also known as coaxial digital output or simply digital audio output. The audio cables provided with the kit are not compatible with the optical audio outputs. To get things working you need an optical-to-cable or optical-to-RCA coax adapter, actually Toslink or RCA adapter, as well as connecting cables.

Analog audio output:They work perfectly with the cables that came with your X-Rocker gaming chair.

Headphone plug:In addition to the analog audio output, they also work well with the cables included in the kit.

Default audio output:This is the most common output on TVs and is compatible with the cables supplied.

Step 3: Connecting the PS4 console to the TV

It's very simple and I'm sure most of you have already tried it. Connect your PS4 to your TV with the included HDMI cable. Make sure your PS4 console is turned on. Change your TV's input source to the one your PlayStation 4 is using.

Method 2: Connect wirelessly

If you want to get rid of any cables and want to use your X Rocker gaming chair with PS4 completely wirelessly, then this method is for you. The PS4 device does not need to be directly connected to your portable gaming chair.

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In fact, you can connect the chair to the TV and then connect the TV to the PS4 and enjoy the chair's wireless capabilities. It's easy and fast. The wireless transmitter that comes with the X RockersThe gaming chair allows you to use your PS4 consolewirelessly with this gaming chair.

Any wireless X Rockers gameThe chair comes with a wireless transmitter that can receive audio signals and send them to the chair's built-in speakers..

Now let's see below the steps you need to follow to make this connection.

Step 1: Connect the wireless transmitter to the TV

When you purchase the wireless gaming chair kit, you will find a short 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable with green ends. Connect the transmitter to the TV by inserting the green connector end into the transmitter's input jack and the other end into the TV's audio out jack.

Again, as with Method 1, you need to check the audio cables for compatibility with the output. The standard audio output, analog audio output and headphone jack are all compatible with the audio cables included in the X-Rocker gaming chair package.

However, it does not support optical audio output, digital audio output or coaxial digital audio output, so you need to purchase an additional optical coaxial to RCA adapter or optical to cable adapter and some connection cables. If you connect them all successfully, you shouldn't have any trouble connecting successfully.

Step 2: Turn on the transmitter and chair

Since the wireless transmitter is battery operated, make sure to install it before use. Turn on the X Rockers gaming chair and transmitter. A cable is required to connect the wireless chair to the power supply.

The most important thing is to make sure that the chair and the radio transmitter are in the same frequency range. Since there is only a 1-2-3 band, matching is easy. After that, the wireless transmitter would begin capturing and transmitting audio signals to the Chai's already paired speakers.

Step 3: Connect TV and PS4

You have now completed the wireless connection setup and all that remains is to connect your Ps4 to your TV. And I have already mentioned the process of connecting the TV to the Ps4 in Step 3 of Method 1. Just follow this step and you're good to go.

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If you have read and followed these steps correctly, your X Rocker gaming chair should now be connected to your Ps4 and now it's time for you to enjoy gaming.

Method 3: Connect a wireless gaming chair to a PS4 with an auxiliary cable.

This is by far the easiest method to connect your X Rocker gaming chair to your Ps4 console. It's much better with an aux cable. The wireless gaming chair can be directly connected to the PS4 game console.

The steps to connect an X Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair to a PS4 using an auxiliary cable are outlined below.

Step 1: Connect the PS4 to the TV

Unlike the last two methods, this method requires you to connect the Ps4 to the TV before doing anything else. It is easy to connect using the HDMI cables that come with the Ps4.

Step 2: Connect the controller to the gaming chair with the auxiliary cable

After connecting the console to the TV, there is only one simple step left before you can start playing on the console. You now need to connect the controller to your X Rocker gaming chair using the Aux cables.

Connect one end of the Aux cable to the controller and the other end to the Aux input on the X Rockers Wireless Gaming Chair's integrated control panel. Make sure the power to the chair is turned on.

Additional tips:

Like most other wireless gaming chairs, the X Rockers wireless gaming chairs are designed to work with your TV or computer audio. Therefore, the easiest method is to connect a portable gaming chair to a TV - TV and then in this case to a gaming console or a Ps4.

Of course, an HDMI or USB adapter can be used to connect the PS4 to the wireless gaming chair. If your wireless gaming chair has a Bluetooth option, you can pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled portable computers such as smartphones, iPad, Android tablets or other tablets.


Wireless gaming chairs can make your console games like PS4 gaming experience much more enjoyable. Of all the wireless gaming chairs for console gaming, the X-Rocker gaming chairs are probably the most popular ones out there. However, setting it up with the Ps4 can get a little tricky.

That's why we've written this step-by-step guide to help you connect your X Rocker gaming chair perfectly and get the most out of your gaming experience.

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