Is Viotek a good brand? Honest review and opinion (2023)

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Admit it,Viotekit's not an established brand when it comes to monitors. Because of this, you might have a hard time deciding whether to buy from them or not. So if you are looking for the answer to the question -"Is Viotek a good brand?"We got your back. We researched and we have the answer.

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Viotek is a good brand – little information about Viotek:

Before we started writing this post, we dug a little deeper to make sure we're providing correct and up-to-date information. So we wanted to see how long Viotek has been around online. And to find out, we turn to the famous"Way Machine".

Then we later ''no 'Return Machine", we discovered some interesting information. You can see the information in the screenshot below. You can see that the Viotek website has been there since2004. But at that time the domain was not owned by Viotek itself.

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After doing a little more research, we found that it was2016when the beta version of the current Viotek official website was launched. Since then, this site has started to gain a foothold on the internet. And we can see that it became very popular in 2018-2019.

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From these observations, we can conclude that the Viotek brand started its online business in 2016. And before that, they were in the same business for a long time. So, in a way, they're just a 3 year old company with a lot of experience. This literally makes it a newcomer to the PC monitor industry.

Introduction to Viotek:

The next thing to know was the origin of this company. There is little or no information about this brand on the internet. Therefore, it was very difficult to find information about the origin of this company. However, we have gathered some facts about this brand from various sources. Originally this is a PC monitor and other computer accessories from the manufacturerKorea.

Over time, they moved their business to the United States. Now they have a customer support office inIndiana,USA. At the same time, the Viotek team is also reported indraftsthe products in Indiana. Moreover, they also repair them in the same place. But almost all of their products are made inChina. We can understand that this is done to reduce the cost of manufacturing the products.

Does Viotek manufacture its own monitors?

This is another frequently asked question about Viotek. And there is no clear answer to that. We know they don't make the scores themselves. Instead, they buy them in bulk.Samsung. And then they design and develop the look and feel and software for the displays themselves.

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So, except for the display panel, all other accessories like thatCabinets, monitor stands, power cords, connectivity ports, etc.are manufactured by Viotek. Finally, they assemble the entire unit to their own design.

The company's philosophy:

If you take a quick look at the 'One'Through their official website, you will see that they claim to be a company committed to offering their customers good value for money. Its main philosophy is to offer the best product at the lowest price.

They also say they are willing to innovate and bring new ideas to life. So tech enthusiasts around the world can get their hands on the most innovative products without breaking the bank. And we have to admit that they really offer a lot of products at a very competitive price.

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About Viotek monitors:

There are a wide variety of Viotek monitors to buy. They divided their collection of monitors into3 Haupt categoriesthat areultrawide, games,Eportable monitors. We researched them a lot. And in this section we share our general opinion about Viotek monitors.

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  • Project:

All Viotek monitors look aesthetically pleasing. They are designed to keep the monitor looking sleek, elegant and minimalist. Most of their monitors have a bezel-less design, which is great for a variety of monitor setups.

They try to use metallic and stable monitor stands. And when it comes to build quality, they don't seem to compromise when compared to the price point. Overall, we like the approach behind the design of their monitors.

  • Performance:

We know that performance is the most important factor when choosing a monitor. If it performs well but fails in other areas, then you can use it. But if the performance is poor, it's safe to stay away from these monitors.

The performance of Viotek monitors is great in our opinion. In fact, these monitors can easily compete with others.Top-Markenmonitore. For gamers, Viotek monitors will do the job. However, if you are a professional designer or developer who frequently uses visual, photo or video editing programs, Viotek monitors may not be for you.

  • Preis:

If you're asking us what the best thing about Viotek monitors is the price. All their monitors come in a lower price range compared to most monitors from other popular brands. At first it was hard for us to believe. But now you also know that they actually offer a very low price for their products.

Viotek is a good brand compared to other brands:

So how do Viotek monitors compare to other top brands such asAsus, Samsung, Dell and so on? Here's what we discovered...

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  • VS Popular Brands:

For this step we compare 2 Viotek and Samsung monitors with almost similar specs. The first is theVIOTEK NB24CB 24-Zoll-Monitor Curvo. And the second is thisMonitor curvo Samsung 23,5″ (LC24F396FHNXZA).

Is Viotek a good brand? Honest review and opinion (4)Is Viotek a good brand? Honest review and opinion (5)

Well, in terms of pricing, the Samsung monitor will cost approx.$50 morethan Viotek. But in terms of features and functionality, Viotek is far ahead of Samsung.See how...

Is Viotek a good brand? Honest review and opinion (6)

Now in the image above you can see a comparison of these two similar monitors. But you can see the Samsung monitor only on the 'Reaction time'Category. While the Viotek device stands out in many categories compared to the Samsung device.

  • Off-brand monitoring VS:

Simply put, if you compare Viotek to other lesser known monitor brands, Viotek wins by miles whether it be in quality, features or price.

What did previous buyers say?

To be honest, there is a mix of good and bad customer reviews for Viotek monitors. Still, there seems to be a higher percentage of good reviews. Most current owners praised the price of the monitors. Others also commented positively on the attractive design and lasting quality of the finish. In addition, they were also very satisfied with the performance of their monitors.

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On the other hand, some customers complained about the OSD menu and hotkeys. They said the hotkeys are placed in an odd location, typically under the front of the dash. It was too hectic to access on the go. And the OSD menu looks a bit complicated. Most users had to go through this more than a few times to get the hang of it.

On top of all that, they were also pleased with the customer support.

So is Viotek a good brand?

If you read the post, we think the answer is pretty clear on this point. In our opinion, Viotek is agood brandfinally. Yes, they do offer monitors at amazingly low prices compared to top brands. At the same time, they keep the quality and standard of their products high.

The value for money of Viotek monitors is out of this world. It's hard to find such monitors at such a low price. That's why technology enthusiasts around the world choose Viotek. This makes Viotek a popular brand in everyday life.

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However, if they improve their product quality and customer support over time, they could become one of the top brands in the near future. But only time will tell. But even at this moment they are fine.

So if you're on a budget or just want to save a little money when buying a new monitor, give Viotek a try. If you choose Viotek, we recommend that you buy it from a trusted online store or your own official store.

To be on the safe side, you can also buy from online stores other than the official store. So if the service isn't good, you can leave a bad review to let the public know about it. So that they are inclined to provide better customer service to save their reputation.

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But if you have a budget and have doubts about this new brand, you can try other popular brands.


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