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VIOTEK Gaming Monitor User Manual
VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (1)

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1Safety instructions

2Scope of delivery

3Product Overview

3.1 Supervision

3.2 Monitor Ports


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7Indicator light


8.1 OSD menu functions

9ECO and Gameplus modes

10 Troubleshooting


12Three-year limited hardware warranty

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Safety precautions

Please read and heed the following warnings and information below.

  1. Always unplug your monitor before cleaning it. It is recommended that you clean your monitor with a dry or slightly damp cloth. However, the dry cloth is safer. If you use a damp cloth, wait for the monitor to dry completely before reconnecting it.
  2. Do not use detergents and/or liquids based on alcohol or ammonia to clean the monitor.
  3. This monitor has ventilation openings on the back of the device. Do not block these openings to prevent overheating of the monitor.
  4. Do not place this monitor near heat sources such as space heaters or fan heaters, as they may damage the monitor.
  5. Do not spray cleaning agents and/or liquids of any kind directly on the monitor screen or any part of the monitor.
  6. Do not insert anything into any part of the monitor, especially the ventilation openings.
  7. Always make sure your monitor is placed on a secure, level surface to prevent it from falling and getting damaged.
  8. Disconnect your monitor from the power source when not in use for a long period of time.
  9. Do not place heavy objects on the monitor or monitor cables.
  10. Do not attempt to disassemble or remove any part of the monitor. Any disassembly or modification, etc., other than by an authorized technician may result in damage to the monitor and/or possible exposure to high voltage, which could result in serious injury or death.

VIOTEK® is not responsible for any injury or damage to products or persons resulting from failure to observe the above precautions or other precautions listed below.

VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (2)The terms HDMI and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

scope of delivery

  • 1 monitor
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (3)
  • Bracket x 1
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (4)
  • DP-Cabel x 1
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (5)
  • screw x 1
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (6)
  • Bracket x 1
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (7)
  • Power cord x 1 (AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz)
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (8)
  • User manual x
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (9)

Product description

monitor buttons
  • toggle switch
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (10)



rockers up

Gameplus Timer Hotkey
seesaw down

Gameplus Sight Hotkey

swing links

Keyboard shortcut for display mode menu
rocker right

Key combination for signal source selection menu

press rocker button

Press and hold for about 6 seconds to turn the monitor on or off.
Short press to open OSD menu

Quick press to confirm operations/settings

navigation menu



rockers up

seesaw down

move down

swing links

Return to previous menu/adjust value
rocker right

Access next menu/adjust value

monitor ports

VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (11)

  1. Plug:Connect the power cord to power the monitor.
  2. Audio output:Connect the audio cable to output audio signals.
  3. DP connectors:Plug one end of the DP cable into the DP output port of the computer and connect the other end to the DP port of the monitor.
  4. HDMI connection:Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the computer's HDMI output port and connect the other end to the monitor's HDMI port.
  5. USB connection:The USB port is only for firmware upgrade using a portable USB device. Do not use other devices.

bracket mount

Use:Leave the foam under the monitor before attaching the mount.

  1. Open the package and take out the monitor with the foam still attached. Carefully place it face down on a desk or table.
  2. Take out the stem and the base. To do this, use the supplied screwdriver and a screw
    attach the base to the stem.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (12)
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (13)
    screw x 1
  3. Remove the foam covering the back of the monitor. Locate the top two opening slots on the back of the monitor. Insert the mounting plate into the top two slots. Keep pushing until it clicks into place to ensure the bracket is installed correctly.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (14)
  4. After installation is complete, place the monitor on your desk or table and carefully adjust the height, angle, and/or orientation of the monitor as desired.
    Adjust Orientation 90° * (Base must be raised to complete 90° rotation.)
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (15)
    Height adjustment 5.31 inches (135 mm)
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (16)
    swivel adjustment 20°
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (17)
    Tilt adjustment +5° / -15°
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (18)
  5. When the stand is fully assembled, remove the remaining foam from the monitor and place it on a flat, level table or desk. Press the button to remove the monitor from the mount during mounting.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (19)

    use :Make sure the monitor is on a flat surface before removing the stand.


  1. Open the package and take out the product with the foam still attached. Gentle
    place it on a desk or table. Remove the extra pieces and the foam that covers the monitor. If the monitor is already attached to the stand, remove it.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (20)
  2. Tighten four screws (not included) into the mounting holes on the back of the monitor.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (21)
  3. Mount the monitor on the wall, bracket or bracket as desired.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (22)

basic operation

  1. Plug one end of the DP cable (included) into your PC's graphics card. An HDMI cable (not included) can also be used.
  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the corresponding port on your monitor.

    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (23)

  3. Connect the power cord to your monitor, and then plug the other end into your power source. It is recommended to use a surge protector with sufficient voltage when a wall outlet is not directly accessible.
  4. Locate the power button on the monitor and hold it down for about 6 seconds to turn on the monitor.
    use :If you can't find the power button, see Section 3.1.
    Connecting an audio device (headphones, external speaker, etc.) through the
    Audio output may disable other audio devices.

AMD FreeSync

The feature itself is disabled by default. To use this feature, you need FreeSync-capable hardware, a DP cable, and the latest graphics drivers.
To use this function, please connect your computer and monitor with a DP cable. After connecting, you may be asked to enable the feature on your computer. If you don't get the message, you may need to enable the feature in your graphics card's menu. Consult your graphics card manufacturer's documentation for instructions on how to turn on and/or enable FreeSync.

indicator light

A solid blue light indicates that the device is on and the monitor is operating normally. Blinking blue light indicates no video source, no horizontal or vertical signal detected, or low voltage. Make sure your computer is turned on and all video cables are fully plugged in and/or connected.

VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (24)


The On Screen Display (OSD) can be used to adjust your monitor's settings and appears on the screen after you turn on the monitor and pressRockerVIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (25)button on the back of the monitor.

use :When you use the monitor for the first time, the settings are automatically adjusted to the optimal settings based on your computer's default settings.

  1. press theRocker VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (26)button to open the OSD screen
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (27)
  2. Press the directional button up or down to explore the features.
    • Highlight the features you want to configure and press the right directional button to enter the submenu.
    • Press the rocker up or down to navigate through the submenu. Then press the right rocker button to highlight the features you want to adjust.
    • Press the Directional Button up or down to highlight options. Then press the rocker button to the right to confirm the setting and exit the current screen.
  3. To exit the current screen and return to the previous menu, press the left rocker to return.
OSD menu functions
main menusubmenuoptionsDescription
imageglow0~100Adjust screen brightness
Contrast0~100Adjust screen contrast
RDCAndTurn on the DCR function
OutsideTurn off the DCR function
ECOStandard, Text, Movie, Spiel, FPS, RTSSet visual display mode
Colorcolor temperatureNormal, Warm, Cold, UserSets the color temperature of the screen. based on your preference
Putrefaction0~50Adjust RGB components
OSD SettingsLanguageEnglish,Set OSD language
OSD H position0-100Adjust OSD Horizontal Position
OSD-V-Position0-100Adjust the vertical position of OSD
OSD transparency0-100Adjust overall OSD transparency
OSD timeout0~60Set how long the OSD stays open when not in use
Settinginput sourceDP1, DP2, HDMIView and/or change the input signal

audio what

N / A

Select the audio source from different sources when using multi window.
reset to defaultN / AReset monitor settings
Firmware updateN / ACheck for and download firmware updates for the monitor (the monitor must be connected to the USB input and connected to the Internet)
Othersaspect ratioWidescreen, 4:3, 1:1, Autoset aspect ratio
low blue lightOff, Low, Medium, Max HighSet the blue light filter level


And outTurn response time on or off
FreeSyncAnd outActivate/deactivate the FreeSync/G-Sync function
HDRAnd outTurn the HDR function on or off


Aus, Modo PIP, PBP 2Win, PBP


Select the appropriate combination of PIP/PBP according to the number of input signal channels.
Under Win2


DP1, DP2, HDMISelect Sub Win2 for PIP/PBP video source.
Win3 secondary entryDP1, DP2, HDMISelect Sub Win3 as the PIP/PBP video source.
PIP sizeSmall medium,


Adjust the size of the PIP/PBP display window

PIP position

Top right, top left, bottom right, bottom leftAdjust the position of the PIP/PBP window
exchangeN / ASwitch PIP/PBP signal sources

ECO and Gameplus modes

  1. Push the rocker button to the left to switch to ECO mode. These modes
    (Standard, Text, Movie, Game, FPS and RTS) can be used to optimize settings according to your activity. Standard mode is suitable for most activities.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (28)
  2. Push the rocker button to the right to change the input source for the selected signals.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (29)
  3. Push the rocker up to change Gameplus mode. Choose the crosshair icon that best suits your game. These game icons are primarily designed to improve your aim during shooting games, but they can be used for other purposes as well.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (30)
  4. Press the rocker button down to set the PLAY TIME.
    VIOTEK Game Monitor User Manual - Manuals+ (31)


The screen is blank

(Video) Samsung C49RG90, 49", 32:9, 120Hz, DQHD HDR GAMING Monitor

  • Press the power button to turn on the monitor.
  • Make sure the brightness and contrast settings are set to normal.
  • Check if the indicator light flashes. If so, it means there is no signal from your video source.
  • If your source is a laptop or notebook, make sure the setup is in mirror or extended mode and the device is turned on.

The image is blurred

  • Make sure the video cable is securely connected at both ends.

the screen flickers

  • Try an alternate power source. Insufficient current can cause this problem.
  • Make sure that devices such as unshielded speakers, fluorescent lights, AC transformers, desk fans, etc. are at a safe distance from your screen to avoid magnetic interference.

Color gradients or visual effects look unusual

  • If your screen is all red or blue, or the colors are fading, check if the
    the cable is properly plugged in. A loose connection can cause a bad signal.
  • Try connecting to another video source to compare.

The screen seems to scroll, roll, or move abnormally.

  • Check if the frequency of your source is within 60 Hz.
  • Reconnect the video cable and make sure it is secure.

The monitor needs to be cleaned

  • Make sure the monitor is turned off before cleaning it.
  • Always use a soft, non-abrasive cloth for cleaning.
  • Use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to gently remove any dirt or dust.
  • If necessary, lightly dampen a non-abrasive cloth with water and gently wipe the surface.
  • Never use alcohol or ammonia based cleaning solutions.
  • Never spray liquid directly on any part of the monitor.

indicator light not working

  • Check if the device is turned on.
  • Check whether the power line is connected to the power.

Not possible to plug and play

  • Make sure the monitor is compatible with the PC.
  • Make sure the graphics card is compatible with the monitor.
  • Make sure the pins are not bent on the interface.

weak image

  • Adjust the brightness and contrast ratio.


  • Nearby electrical devices may interfere with the monitor.

The indicator light is on or blinking, but there is no image on the screen

  • Check if the monitor is turned on.
  • Check if the graphics card is installed correctly.
  • Check if the signal line is firmly connected to the monitor.
  • Make sure the pins are not bent on the interface.

Color deficiency (red, green, or blue)

  • Check the cable connectors for bent or damaged pins. Replace cables if necessary.

Image position is not centered/is not the wrong size

  • Set the clock or auto settings

Color difference (colors are not optimized)

  • Adjust RGB color or reset color temperature.



Model No.


Screen size

display type


vision angle

178°(H) / 178°(V)
aspect ratio





Led screen

On: Blue (solid); Power saving: Blue (blinking)
typical brightness

600 cd/m² (max.)

Default color temperature.

Standard: 7500K
scale of colors

141 % sRGB; 103 % NTSC

contrast ratio

3000:1 (static)

0,2331 x 0,2331 mm

reaction time

3 ms (1 ms de DE)
Update frequency

180Hz (max)


DP x 2, HDMI x 1, Conector de audio x 1, USB x 1

100-240 AC 50/60 Hz

power consumption

max: 45W; Standby <=0.5W
OSD language


use temperature

32°F~95°F (operating), -4°F~140°F (storage), 10-90% RH (non-condensing)

Inclination angle

Forward 5°; back 15°

VESA mount


Dimensions (with stand)

24.22 x (16.14-21.46) x 9.65 inches (615.3 x 410-545 x 245



12.13lbs. / 16.53 lbs. (including packaging)

Three-year limited hardware warranty

Your VIOTEK® GFI27DBXA Flat Panel Gaming Monitor ("Product") comes with a three-year limited hardware warranty ("Warranty"). The warranty covers product defects in materials and workmanship under normal use conditions. This warranty is limited to residents of the United States and Canada only and is available only to the original purchaser. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty begins on the date of your purchase and lasts for three years (the "Warranty Period"). The warranty period is not extended if the product is repaired or replaced. We may change the availability of this Limited Warranty at our discretion, but the changes will not be retrospective. Warranty service is provided by Viotek Warranty Pro ("WP"). If a hardware defect occurs within the warranty period and a valid claim is received, WP, at its sole discretion and to the extent permitted by law,

  1. Resolve the hardware defect using new or refurbished parts that are equivalent in performance and reliability to new parts; either
  2. exchange the product for a new or refurbished product that is substantially the same as the original product.

This warranty is for a one-time replacement of like items only and does not cover discontinued items where the product is no longer manufactured or in stock. This warranty is not assignable or transferable. The original purchaser can call WP's toll free number at1-855-229-9472for service requests. If a product or part is exchanged, any replacement item becomes your property and the replaced item becomes the property of WP. This warranty only covers
hardware technical defects during the warranty period and under normal conditions of use. WP does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this product. This warranty does not cover damage due to:

  1. Transport;
  2. Storage;
  3. inappropriate use;
  4. failure to follow product instructions or perform preventative maintenance;
  5. modifications;
  6. unauthorized repair;
  7. normal wear and tear;
  8. overclocking; o
  9. external causes such as accidents, abuse, or other acts or events beyond our reasonable control.

Important:Do not disassemble the product. Disassembling the product will void this warranty. Only WP or a party expressly authorized by WP should perform service on this product.


This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. The operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference and
  2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for Class B
digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.
This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this device does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the device off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:

(Video) Best 1440p Gaming Monitor 2021 | Budget, Premium & Ultrawide | Best Gaming Monitor 2021

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the distance between the device and the receiver.
  • Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or television interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this device. Such changes could void the user's authority to operate the device.


VIOTEK gaming monitor[pdf] User manual
Gaming monitor, GF127DBXA

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