What Is an Alaskan King Bed (and Why Would You Want One)? (2023)

July 07, 2020 | by Michael Garrity

Inevitably, we end up in the same bed together at some point. This is usually just before going to sleep. Our son, just two and a half years old, is slow to settle down at night, and my wife and I have found that the best way to get him to sleep without too much effort is to read books in our bedroom. read and tell stories until he is ready. falls asleep And did I mention that our very large and very cuddly pit bull usually accompanies us?

Usually you fall asleep in our bed and stay there until we take you to your room. And more often than I think any of us would like, we sometimes fall asleep in those early hours of the night and end up taking a short, impromptu nap together. Our story is not uncommon, but it is just one example of the many different reasons why people might consider upgrading their sleeping arrangements with an extra large bed.

There are a few different oversized bed options, but the most common (and largest) is the Alaskan King bed, which measures a whopping 9 feet by 9 feet (or 108" x 108"). That's a lot of bed, and some of you might be wondering about the practical uses of such a huge piece of furniture.

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Sleep well for the whole family

Alaskan King beds are great for families with babies or toddlers practicing some form of co-sleeping. While it has always been around to some extent, co-sleeping is becoming more and more common.Some of the purported benefits of co-sleepinginclude more restful sleep cycles (especially for parents with babies), more intimacy as an opportunity for parent and child to bond, and evenhealth benefitssuch as regulating a baby's breathing, body temperature, and weight.

Ultimately, the debate about co-sleeping continues among healthcare and childcare professionals, and whether or not you want to co-sleep is a personal choice to make after consulting your pediatrician.

But buying a big bed for your family doesn't mean everyone sleeps together all the time. Sometimes it's nice to have a cozy, centralized place for your family to hang out. Think of stories, movie nights or even breakfast in bed. An Alaskan King bed can provide an intimate setting that still has more than enough room for everyone to have their own space.

more room for two

People without children can also benefit from more sleeping space. While queen size beds remain the most popular size in the United States, more and more couples are turning to standard king size beds for a better sleeping experience, because as much as they love their partner, there are some people who just can't get enough room at night . The Alaskan King bed offers more space for each person to spend the night without being disturbed or disturbed. This also makes it a great option for couples with different work and/or sleep schedules.

room to spread out

For the taller among us, the California king bed is usually the best standard option available, at 84 inches (or seven feet) in length, but it's also a bit narrower than the regular king bed. Because especially tall people often have long arms and legs, Alaskan King beds offer more room in all directions.


let's theotherfamily members who often find their way into our sleeping quarters. In the U.S,45% of dog owners sleep with their petj62% of cats share a mattress with their humans.

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Co-sleeping is an important part of pet parenting for many people, both for their relationship with their pets, but sometimes for safety. If this is the case for you, and especially if you have a large dog or multiple pets you want to sleep with, you'll want to make sure you have a bed for them to sleep in. For pet parents who love to snuggle with their furry friends, an Alaskan King bed from Francis Lofts & Bunks offers the size and durability to support everything from a Chihuahua to a St. Bernard.

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luxury lifestyles

Nothing screams leisure more than lounging on the largest commercially available platform bed on the market. And not only are they (really) big, but because of their sleek, modern styling, our Alaskan King beds are a great way to show elegance and sophistication with your design choices.

In addition, really huge master bedrooms can make even a King size or California King bed frame look small. From a design perspective, an Alaskan king can often make better use of space in an oversized room. This makes it functional and stylistically practical for large spaces.

Alaska king beds are also a great addition to luxury hotel rooms or luxury vacation rentals in expensive locations. Treat your guests to an extravagant and unforgettable sleeping experience that, like our beautiful adult bunk beds, will give them something unique to remember and talk about.

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Equipping your king of Alaska

If the Alaskan king size bed seems like the right size for you, your family or your space, a strong, sturdy and durable bed frame is only half the battle. Because oversized mattresses and bedding are not easy to produce on a large scale, you must order them from a specialist supplier.

Fortunately, if you order an Alaskan king size bed from Francis Lofts & Bunks, our standard delivery time is four weeks from the date of purchase, giving you plenty of time to find the other items you need. For your convenience, we've put together a handy guide to companies that offer Alaska king size mattresses and accessories.


A handful of companies specialize in making mattresses for Alaskan King Beds. We've listed some of our favorites below. Keep in mind that if you end up buying a memory foam mattress for your Alaskan King bed, you'll want to order a masonite slab from us to hold the mattress on the slats.Contact us for more information.

Forma Naturalยฎ- Hybrid foam mattresses with breathable cotton cover and 10-year warranty

sleep shop- Custom oversized mattresses in a variety of sizes and firmness using the materials you select

Mattress right- Three options of 30 cm foam mattresses with different firmness levels

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MattressInsider.es- Custom mattress manufacturer who can make any mattress to your unique specifications


While it's possible to find Alaska king size bedding online from your standard major e-commerce retailers, we still recommend sticking with the bespoke products from specialist manufacturers to ensure you're getting the quality and luxurious sleep experience you're after. deserves.

Mattress right- With a wide variety of duvet and sheet sets with different color and style options.

real linen- Beautiful and comfortable custom Italian sheets for a truly luxurious sleeping experience.

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Other Considerations

While our Alaskan King bed frames come in several boxes to assemble in your home, your mattress most likely won't be, so before you buy, make sure your home has enough space and clearance for an Alaskan mattress. Always have at least one other person available to help you move the bed frame and mattress.

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Is an Alaskan King bed right for you?

Now that you're a true expert on this extra-large bed, it might be a good time to take a look at ourCama King of Alaskato see if it fits perfectly into your life and your space.


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